New York to sign agreements with Trump

    Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would end all lawsuits with Trump in New York after President Donald Trump urged the public to attack the Capitol in Washington.

    During a visit to MSNBC on Wednesday, the civilian president said: “The agreements clearly state that if the organization’s leadership is involved in criminal conduct, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.” “Inciting rebellion against the US government is definitely a crime.”

    The city is awaiting trial, but “we are based on sound law,” de Blasio said. “They have benefited from these agreements. They will no longer benefit from them. ”

    Eric Trump, the president’s son who helped run the private company, told ABC on Wednesday that he expects the rally “to largely fail.”

    New York has no legitimate choice to continue, they have to give Trump over $ 30 million,” Trump said. “It’s just a political split.”

    New York will join a column of organizations that refused to work with the defeated president after allowing numerous allies to attack the Capitol a week ago. Deutsche Bank has been abandoned by the US PGA and compensation firm Cushman and Wakefield, and the group has pledged to end Trump’s obligations to his allies in Congress.

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    Trump has a $ 17 million contract with New York. Many are designed for the finest recreational facilities, including a waterway, a sightseeing tour and two ice arenas. According to recent financial reports, one, the Wallman Landslide in Central Park, netted the Trump organization $ 9.4 million.

    The 4besnews organization will announce that Trump will complete preparations for Central Park Ranch, Wollman and Lasker ice rinks and Ferry Point golf course. The mayor said current preparations for the rides and ice rinks will be completed in the coming weeks.

    The closure of Ferry Point golf course is more detailed and is expected to last for several months, De Blasio said in a statement.

    An agreement with the city to operate the waterway says it should qualify for major races and exclude Sunday’s PGA pick from its scheduled 2022 PGA title at Trump National Golf Club. In Bedminster, New Jersey, de Blasio’s term appears to have been canceled.

    De Blasio has researched the organization, repeatedly denying that he has linked the organization over the past six years, recalling comments he made about the 2015 attack on Latinos during his first official term in office. Trump. …

    De Blasio said he will select new traders who will operate at a discount in the city’s destination city. “Most likely, we will face trial. We have a solid legal base, ”he said. “We will make sure new traders are profitable as soon as possible.”

    (News from Trump Foundation response)

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