Coronavirus: Oxford-AstraZeneca immunization endorsed for use in UK

    The Oxford-Astra Zenica vaccine has been tested for use in the UK, so the main drug will be given on Monday in the event of an increase in COVD.

    The 4besnews has demanded 100 million medicines, which will reach 50 million people vaccinated.

    Health Minister Matt Hancock said Pfizer-BioNTech would cover the entire population as long as it was needed.

    It is estimated that there are several million people in the UK.

    Now the intensity of the infection has begun to welcome patients to score for a week.

    Pockets that are important for vaccination start with a nursing home, care for men, staff, and caregivers who have lived for more than 80 years.

    Eventually, everyone over the age of 50 will have a stroke when they get home – more than 25 million.

    It is estimated that about 2,000,000 patients will be vaccinated with two approved antibodies within seven days.

    On Tuesday, Covid had 53,125 new cases in the UK, the highest increase in the number of days since the start of the main test, with 414 active trials in 28 days.

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    4> Fear of the “rare” level of disease in English

    The Drug and Drug Administration (MHRA) has approved two drugs for the Oxford vaccine, the next drug being recommended 4-12 weeks after the first trial.

    Vaccination is now underway, as expected, with the first amount of antibodies and the next.

    The drug should be given a second time three weeks after the Pfizer-BioNTech hole is released.

    In addition, as a result of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Vaccines, it is now possible to characterize the number of people who have not been vaccinated with Covid-19. .

    Oxford antibodies are easy to store and dispose of because they can be stored at cold temperatures, and unlike Pfizer-BioNTech, they should be stored at 70 ° C.

    In addition, although Pfizer-BioNTech pockets have to be exported from Belgium,  

    According to MHRA experts at a press conference, pregnant and lactating women can use two Covid-approved injections when they are “dangerous”.

    The Pfizer / BioNTech drug is suitable for people with food allergies and drugs, but people exposed to the virus should not accept it.

    MHRA General manager dr. John Rennie led this “crazy corner” to explore the health and well-being of Oxford-Astra Zenica.


    President Boris Johnson praised the success of the immune system as a “victory” for British scientists, saying, “We are trying to challenge other people.”

    Most importantly, Chris Whitty, UK director of health, praised the “great global impact it has brought on us.”

    Commenting on the BBC’s breakfast, Hancock said this was “a great time” to fight the virus, and said “2020 will be a time of hope and recovery. We can protect ourselves”.

    Meanwhile, Professor Andrew Pollard, a researcher for the Oxford Vaccine Group, told Radio 4 that giving antibiotics is a “strange thing” in scientific research and clinics.

    Thus, he asserted that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

    “Our friends in the emergency room are suffering from the nausea caused by this disease,” he said. The next step is important. ”

    The experts said at a press conference for the MHRA that pregnant and lactating women will receive two vaccines against COVID-19.

    The Pfizer / Biotech vaccine can also be used by people with major changes in diet and medication, but not by people with impaired immunity.

    MHRA CEO Dr. June Rainey “No cutting” to control comfort and balance at Oxford-Astra Seneca.


    President Boris Johnson hailed the vaccine as a breakthrough in British science: “We are now vaccinating as many people as possible.”

    In addition, Britain’s chief medical officer, Chris Fetti, led “the general force that led us to this”.

    Speaking one morning on the BBC, Hancock said it was time to recover from the 2021 bombings.

    Meanwhile, Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccines Group, told BBC Radio 4 that the antibiotic recognition program was a “breakthrough” in research and medicine.

    But he noted that “there is still a lot of work to be done” and “it is not over yet”.

    “Our ambulance colleagues are facing the dire consequences of this infection,” he said. The following steps are essential. ”

    New approval for immunization will take place after UK health conditions face “abnormal” morbidity and social welfare managers in Wales, Scotland and southern England have expressed concern about increasing conflict in the NHS. I did.

    Various twists and turns:

    The Secretary of Social Welfare then explains at the Commons House which region of the UK will be fourth.

    Training secretary Gavin Williamson asked to set up a new startup scheme

    In addition, an important episode was presented in Essex for fear of overcoming the Kovid-19 case count.

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