Brexit: a “difficult” moment to wait for the United Kingdom to adapt to the new European rules

    He claimed that if the government had dealt with Michael Gove it would have been “ineffective” when 4besnews British authorities and researchers came to support the new European laws.

    He said there would be “a different approach to governance” and that Brexit would end on December 31.

    Gove has also advised citizens traveling to the EU to carry out additional checks, including cell phone prices.

    EU officials have ratified economic ties after Brexit and are bracing for the January 1 results.

    Short-term results can be achieved within the framework of EU regulations, but the European Parliament will decide in January.

    In England, parliaments will vote on the regulation on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, Britain’s Trade Secretary Liz Truss has said she hopes to agree on a deal with Turkey this week. It will only be available after agreement with the EU.

    A brief guide to the history of Brekit

    How Brexit will change your vacation in 2021

    What about a portable coil charge?

    Mr Gove told the BBC at breakfast: “There is no doubt that the minutes will be tough, but we are working to improve the road.”

    He warned the organization that the deadline was “very short” to make arrangements before the end of the transition period.

    “The idea of a new relationship with the EU outside the internal market and the usual union means that there are differences in jobs and organizations that companies and citizens need to talk about. , He said?
    He asks.
    It is the responsibility of all of us to take important steps, knowing that there are certain obstacles to better addressing our cooperation with the European Union.

    Businesses need to understand that they understand the new standards for collecting and delivering goods, including the different guidelines for trade with Northern Ireland, and think about how to submit custom displays for trade. UNITED KINGDOM. ‘EU. I go.

    As of January 1, Gove has offered researchers the most up-to-date protection against European litigation, tax cuts for mobile providers and when an identity has been left for six months. I asked you to confirm it.

    Action is being taken in the UK as the UK prepares to enter a new trade relationship with the EU.

    The Scottish government will pay for the old airport at Dunflees and Galloway for the heaviest truck vacations of up to 240 vehicles if the port of Kailun Ryan takes a break in Stranger. The prices have been specified.

    In Wales, access roads will be opened and will cross Holly Head harbor.

    Second, UK travelers must claim at least € 10,000 (£ 9,049) from January 1 when entering Northern Ireland.

    The basics


    Brexit negotiations were approved days before the split. This means the UK and EU can continue to trade products at no additional cost.

    Why is it taking so long? The UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, until January 31, 2020, but the pioneers had to sign an economic deal by the end of 2020.

    There will be many changes in the future. Although this is a pre-negotiated economic policy, there are differences between the people who move between the EU and the UK and the way they live and work

    What will he do next on Brexit?

    The funding agreement involves lengthy in-depth discussions on issues such as fishing rights and business regulation.

    Chief Boris Johnson has said he will provide new powers and administrative means to “educate people who think they are weak”.

    Either way, the owner of the fisherman accused him of “falling” and stopped blaming him. Stocks saw this as a “rare event” which required “more work” to keep UK business afloat.

    Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak tried to convince the City of London that the deal would not harm him.

    He said they would “do things a little differently” and “wonder how London could be a more attractive place to list new businesses around the world”. .

    According to the Chancellor, the agreement was a “great opportunity to unite our country” and provide protection for those affected by the trade.



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