Financial exchanges and pounds increase in exchange for contractual trusts under Brexit

    British markets start on Thursday morning ahead of a broader economic deal on Brexit.

    The FTSE 100 Blue Chip rose 28% to 6524, up 0.43%, after starting the business.

    In addition, stocks rose in Europe and Europe, although 4besnews largest financial exchange in Frankfurt was closed.

    Asian industry and the pound rose on Thursday ahead of a possible Brexit trade.

    At the beginning of the exchange, Japan’s profits changed, and the markets of Australia, South Korea and Singapore also increased slightly.

    The pound was up 0.2% from the U.S. pound, rising 1.35 from the Asian trading day, believing a trade-off was needed.

    The real idea of ​​economic unity in Brexit has always been right – yesterday the pound rose against the US dollar and continues to rise.

    It started at $ 1.34 this week and dropped to 1.32 as each contract expired and today has risen to 3 1.36.

    The reaction in the stock market has slowed down – the FTSE has hardly changed in 100 days, but the most responsible response came yesterday.

    The FTSE 250, a financial market record that serves as another agent in the UK economy, rose nearly 2% on Wednesday.

    Banks of life, which are confident in the economic agreement, grew by 7% yesterday and in one day – by 6%.

    Exceptions to one of the fishing opportunities were a major obstacle to negotiations at the end of the year.

    The pound is highly volatile as deals between the British and European clergy have slowed and time has slowed. A week ago two years ago it was over $ 1.36.

    On the last day, the British lost about 1% of their money in 3 days of enjoyable travel.

    Exchanges take place between the UK and the EU

    What do voters think about Brexit now?

    Why is fishing important in Brexit trade talks?

    “After the tariff increase, action began to give the impression that the UK and the EU were finally negotiating an interim economic agreement on Brexit,” said Jeffrey Haley of the anonymous company Onda Onda.

    The pound received additional support after France lifted a ban on sales in the UK, which it approved for certain types of bays.

    The euro also strengthened 0.1% to 20.122025, contributing to an increase over time of 0.2%.

    With a slight increase in the US dollar, the agreement between the UK and the EU will save about 1 1 trillion. (7,740 billion) Annual taxes and ordinary trade.

    The agreement ignores the possibility that the UK and the EU will use closer and longer imports of goods when the Brexit development period ends on 1 January.

    Christmas mood?

    However, the joy of the pre-Christmas break did not reach all Asian markets.

    There are many similarities in China’s business sector, as financial experts claim that Chinese accountants have stopped considering Liu Alibaba’s innovation infrastructure.

    The letters of the Hong Kong and Chinese stock exchanges in Shenzhen and Shanghai in Hong Kong were very average.

    The UK is seeking economic alliances with several Asian countries and has signed agreements with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.

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