Coronavirus Update: An Allergic Reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine in the United States. Los Angeles restaurant wins court battle

    British health officials said Wednesday that people with a “significant history” of allergic reactions should not receive Pfizer’s new biotechnology, which was reported on the first day of the mass vaccination program in the United States.

    This could lead to confusion in the United States, where a Pfizer vaccine candidate could get FDA approval for emergency use on Thursday. Stephen Powell, national medical director for the National Health Service in England, said affected patients are “on the mend” and that the evidence was issued preventively.

    Vaccination is urgently needed in the United States, with more than 2,500 deaths and more than 215,000 new coronavirus cases reported on Tuesday alone. 4besnews The nation has seen an increase of more than 15 million infections with no evidence that the recent increase is decreasing.

    Today’s tally: More than 15.1 million accidents and 286,200 deaths have been reported in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University. Worldwide: 68.1 million cases and 1.55 million deaths.

    We read: A study conducted today in the United States showed that most states are willing to distribute coronavirus vaccines to health professionals, but not to all the people who are still in line. This is how all 50 states work to eliminate it.

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    CoVID-19 bipartisan support package: no stimulus control
    Congress is working to pass a COVID-19 bill, in which millions of Americans will lose their unemployment benefits by the end of the month. The two-year proposal is expected to include approximately federal unemployment benefits. 300 public relations number. One week for approximately four months plus emergency assistance payments at normal benefit levels in the form of emergency assistance. Ends at the end of July, unemployed Americans receive less than $ 600 per week under the Welfare Act. The plan is also expected to extend core benefits for March.

    The two-way package is expected to issue a second round of 200,200 incentive checks. There is a possible initial settlement in which 12 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. A federal family leave program has also been established as compensation, in addition to deferral expiration for tenants and expiration of reserves for student borrowers.

    Jessica Menton

    ‘We’re concerned’: Former Alabama legislator warns of viruses before death
    Before his death from COVID-19, former Alabama Senator Larry Dickson spoke with his wife Galileo in a hospital bed for 53 years and asked her to issue a warning.

    Dr. David Thrasher, a pulmonary physician and friend of Dickson, recalls: “Darling, we are anarchy. We just left our bodyguard.”

    Dickson, 78, died Friday at age 19 of complications. Thrasher said his old friend was more cautious, but that he might contract the virus after meeting friends. Since the Thanksgiving gatherings, Alabama and most of the country have seen an increase of 19 cases. The state has set a record for the number of cases reported daily in the last two weeks and the number of people in public hospitals with COVID-19.

    “The last thing he said to her was: Janelle, I love you.” “We have to tell people that this is the truth,” Thrasher said.

    The court won the war when the Los Angeles restaurant closed
    A judge said Tuesday that the Los Angeles County Health Department displayed “disobedience” and posed no threat to the public when it banned cookouts at restaurants due to a spike in coronavirus cases last month. It decided that other companies could try to end the shutdown and that the boycott sanctions could not show that the health benefits far outweighed the negative economic impacts before the ban was lifted. He also said the county has not provided evidence that eating out can spread the virus. Chalfant said the Public Health Ministry should take advantage of the risk before trying to extend the ban beyond December 16.

    “By failing to understand the benefits of banning cookouts relative to its costs, the district acted arbitrarily and its decision had no logical bearing on the legitimate outcome,” the judge wrote.


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