TikTok catches another break as saga with Trump continues

    The future of TikTok in the United States remains uncertain, but the greatest immediate threats to the smartphone app have been averted for the moment. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced that it will not implement an order for the time being that would de facto have meant the end of TikTok in the country. This order was issued in 4besnews in September and should actually have come into effect this Thursday.

    The tentative pullback comes after governments suffered several legal defeats in their efforts to lock down TikTok. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has now said it will await the further development of these legal disputes and in the meantime suspend its order.

    The future of TikTok has been contested for months, and American President Donald Trump has played a prominent role in it. He has announced that he intends to ban the app belonging to the Chinese Byte dance group in his country, fearing that it could pass on data from American users to the Chinese government.

    F9news: In August, he issued a decree ordering the sale of TikTok America business within ninety days, the deadline ending Thursday. Independently of this, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced a ban on TikTok in September, which was also linked to deadlines.

    Litigation continues

    Accordingly, it should no longer be allowed to download the application from app stores from September 20th, and from November 12th it was prohibited to provide the app with Internet services that enable its functionality. The latter would have practically put TikTok out of operation. Both parts of this order were, however, revoked for the time being by judges with temporary injunctions. The ministry has now justified its decision with one of these injunctions. At the same time, however, the Ministry of Justice has appealed against this judgment. So the litigation continues.

    There is also uncertainty surrounding the implementation of Trump’s sales order in August. With a view to the end of the deadline on Thursday, TikTok said in a petition to an appeals court this week that it had not heard from the government for weeks. TikTok have requested an extension of the deadline by 30 days. So the government doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to force a transaction at the moment. The fate of an alliance agreed at Trump’s instigation, according to which the software company Oracle and the retailer Walmart are to take over a 20 percent stake in TikTok, also remains uncertain.

    It is not clear, for example, what role the Chinese parent company would continue to play. In addition, the Chinese government still has to give its approval. Above all, there is also the question of how the handling of TikTok will change under Trump’s designated successor Joe Biden. Democratic Party officials have also voiced security concerns around TikTok.

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