Covid-19 Easing planned from December – England

    The Premier League clubs are pleased about the prospect of a partial return of fans to the soccer stadiums. London – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will lift the strict measures in force in England to contain the coronavirus at the beginning of December. “The escape route is in sight,” he told the British parliament yesterday. At the same time, the head of government warned that Christmas could “not be celebrated normally”. He also announced that progress in vaccine research would reduce the need for restrictions from spring onwards. 4besnews Johnson, who is in self-isolation after contact with a corona-infected MP, announced that the strict restrictions in force in England would initially be lifted on December 2. After that, people would again be allowed to leave their

    homes without good reason. Up to 4,000 spectators will then again be allowed in stadiums; pubs will also be allowed to open in areas with low infection rates. According to Johnson, further restrictions may be lifted for a short time over Christmas. He nevertheless urged caution and called on families to carefully weigh up the risk of visits. The prime minister’s strategy includes mass testing for severely affected areas and regional exit restrictions. Johnson nevertheless spoke of “a long road to spring”. He was optimistic, however: F9news “The breakthroughs in treatment and vaccine testing mean that the scientific cavalry is now in sight.

    Johnson’s announcements follow reports from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the British University of Oxford: Yesterday they stated that the vaccine they are developing is on average 70 percent effective, in some cases even 90 percent. According to Johnson, the British National Health Service (NHS) is planning a nationwide vaccination plan, which will be completed next month.

    England will return to a warning level system with regional corona restrictions after a four-week partial lockdown. “We will return to a regional approach with different levels – and introduce the most stringent measures where Covid is most present,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a virtual address to Parliament. However, from the beginning of December, the measures will be tightened compared to the levels in force before the partial lockdown. Which regions would be classified in which of the three risk levels – medium, high or very high – is to be announced in the course of the week. Under certain conditions, restaurants may reopen from 2 December onwards in regions with low levels of infection. The same applies to non-essential stores, fitness studios and hairdressers. Outside also again spreading haven is to be allowed to take place. Depending on the level of risk, up to 4,000 spectators will also be allowed at sporting events. Schools and universities are open, however. Over Christmas, meetings with members of several households are to be permitted for a few days. Johnson, who can only impose rules through England, wants to agree coordinated measures with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Which regions will be classified into which of the three risk levels – medium, high or very high – will be announced in the course of the week. However, it has already been said that more regions will first have to be put into a higher level.

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