Joe Biden has taken the first step to move White house

    US President-elect Biden plans to move into the White House on January 20. He has already taken the first steps to achieve this – among other things Biden presented a Corona expert council. But Trump is blocking the way forward.

    After his victory in the US presidential election, Joe Biden has taken the first steps towards preparing for his assumption of office. Biden and his future Vice President Kamala Harris launched a website 4besnews “” and a Twitter account “@Transition46” for the transition period until January 20 – the day of the swearing-in. The website lists the priorities of the new presidency: The fight against Covid-19, economic recovery, the fight against racism and climate change. Biden had already announced a strategy for overcoming the Corona crisis, which hit the USA hard. He already presented a group of experts from scientists and health professionals. The committee is to have a three-member

    board consisting of Vivek Murthy, David Kessler and Marcella Nunez-Smith. Murthy was the U.S. government’s chief health official from 2014 to 2017, Kessler was formerly head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Nunez-Smith is a professor at Yale University, where her research includes health promotion for marginalized populations. Ten other members belong to the committee, many of whom have worked for previous US governments.

    Together with them, F9news he wants to work out a plan to be implemented immediately after taking office. Biden said at the presentation of the expert council that the main goal is to get the increasing number of infections under control. During the election campaign, he had repeatedly promised that he would follow the recommendations of science to fight the pandemic. He had accused Trump of complete failure. It is already known that a mask obligation and extensive free corona tests are planned. Vaccination, as soon as it is available, is also to be free for everyone, including people without health insurance. Biden wants to stick with the chief immunologist Anthony Fauci, who was criticized by US President Donald Trump, as an advisor, and the initiated withdrawal from the WHO is also to be reversed.

    So while Biden is getting ready to move into the White House, the incumbent has not yet made any plans to move out. Although there are increasing voices that Trump must finally formally acknowledge his defeat, he has so far refused to do so. On Twitter he repeatedly called himself the winner, declared the election not over yet and continued to talk about election fraud. But neither his advisor, wife Melania, nor his son-in-law Jared Kushner have been able to convince Trump to acknowledge his election defeat. The refusal poses a problem for further work in the White House, because formal recognition is necessary to release funds for the transition process. Biden’s staff, too, can only begin their work because it gives them access to government buildings, to e-mail and computer systems, and the opportunity to create rooms in every U.S. agency.

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