Covid-19 Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom

    Up to three British households may celebrate Christmas together. Only children of divorced parents are allowed to change the “bubble”. Criticism comes from restaurateurs – and from scientists.

    The exceptional rules that are to apply to this year’s Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom were criticized from various quarters on Wednesday. 4besnews Sceptics in the Conservative Party declared the relaxation of the contact ban to be insufficient, while virologists warned of the danger of new mass infections. Even within the government itself, the compromise with the prime ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was intoned differently. Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove, who led the

    negotiations, said the arrangement for the Christmas season offered “hope for families and friends who have made many sacrifices in this difficult year”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the other hand, emphasized the risks and appealed to citizens’ common sense: “The virus does not know Christmas, and we must all be careful,” he said.

    The compromise provides for up to three households to be allowed to come together to form a “Christmas bubble” F9news between December 23 and 27. The size of the respective households is irrelevant. However, the Christmas bubble may not be changed. The only exception is children of divorce who are allowed to stay in different bubbles on different days. It is permitted to celebrate together in private rooms. Restaurants, pubs, hotels or theaters are not allowed to visit the “Christmas Bubble” – where they are open at all. This is the last point where critics start. Asked former Defense Minister Liam Fox. Representatives of the catering trade said the plans were the result of “confused thinking” and that those responsible had made themselves a “laughing stock”.

    On the other hand, the loosening of the rules goes too far for some scientists. Andrew Hayward, epidemiologist at London’s King’s College, told the BBC that the regulation poured “oil on Covid fire” and threatened to trigger a “third wave” of contagion. Johnson’s call for caution was criticized by hygiene physician Graham Medley.

    Since November 7, 2020, 4 a.m., a 14-day quarantine obligation has been mandatory for travelers from Germany, as Germany has been removed from the “safe corridor list”, the list of countries from which entry without a quarantine obligation is possible under pandemic aspects. Until then, there was no quarantine obligation for travelers from Germany if the travelers had stayed exclusively in Germany or in other countries published under “Travel Corridors” during the 14 days prior to entry. However, quarantine regulations may change at any time, even at short notice, depending on the occurrence of infection. All persons entering the country are generally required to register electronically before entry. This is intended to enable the British authorities to follow up any corona infections that are detected. For this reason, a great deal of information must be provided, including the means of transport and the location. The electronic registration is only possible on the Internet at the earliest 48 hours before entry. Proof of registration must then be provided upon entry. Violations of the obligation to register can be punished with severe fines, which vary from region to region. A British government hotline is available Monday to Friday on +44 800 678 1767 for any queries.

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