Attack in Syria by Israel

    During the night of Wednesday, the Israeli army reportedly bombed military positions in neighboring Syria. A Syrian unit had placed them under Iranian leadership. On Twitter, the Israeli army published a picture of the explosives and their location in the border area.

    During the attack in Syria, warehouses, military installations and batteries of Syrian surface-to-air missiles were bombed, 4besnews according to an army statement. Already in August, Israel had bombed targets in Syria as a reaction. This time, the military spokesman said, targets in the area from the border to the suburbs of Damascus had been bombed. These included an Iranian
    headquarters at Damascus International Airport and a secret military facility used to receive high-ranking guests from Iran. This facility was the first time Israel had attacked. Israel is calling on the UN troops on the Golan Heights to ensure that the ceasefire is respected, Conricus said. Several Syrian military bases, where Iranian militias are also stationed, were hit by rockets on Sunday. F9news The state television reported that this was a new hostile aggression, referring to army circles. Positions in rural areas were affected, namely in the areas of Hama and Aleppo. According to opposition circles, the base in Hama serves as a recruitment center for Iranian-backed Shiite militias fighting on the side of the Syrian government troops.

    Syrian authorities provide no information on the number of victims. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 26 pro-government fighters were killed and 60 others injured in the attack. According to the report, Hama was responsible for most of the casualties. The attack on the headquarters of the 47th Brigade there mostly killed Iranians.

    It is unclear who fired the missiles. Various state media blamed Israel for the attacks. The London Observatory also said that it was “likely” that the government in Jerusalem was behind the bombing.

    They rely on a network of informants on the ground, and their statements can hardly be independently verified. Israel had already attacked several outposts of Iranian militias in Syria. The main targets were weapons deliveries by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which is allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Most recently, the Israeli air force flew attacks on bases near Homs, killing at least 14 people.

    Most recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also announced that he would continue to take action “against Iran in Syria”. “We have no intention of attacking Russia or interfering in internal Syrian affairs,” said Israel’s defense minister Avigdor Lieberman. However, he did not indirectly rule out attacks against Iranian militias and said his country had exactly three problems: “Iran, Iran and Iran. Tehran was trying to destabilize the entire region, and not only in Israel.

    The Shiite Iran is the closest ally of the Syrian regime besides Russia. As the extended arm of Tehran, the Lebanese Hezbollah has developed into one of the strongest powers in Syria in recent years.

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