Russia, New infections is by almost 25,000 cases

    Russia today reported a new peak in coronary artery infections.  According to the authorities, 12,126 people were infected with SARS-CoV-2 within 24 hours, more than during the first wave; the previous peak of 11,656 new infections within one day was registered on May 11.

    In total, more than 1.27 million people have officially become infected in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic, the fourth highest number worldwide. 4besnews The number of deaths after Corona officially rose today by 201 to 22,257. Critics accuse the Russian authorities of concealing the actual number of victims and thus the seriousness of the situation. Since the infections in Russia receded in the course of May, the authorities have lifted far-reaching restrictions.

    So far, there are no plans for a new edition, despite a strong increase in infection numbers since September. The head of the Consumer and Health Protection Agency  Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, spoke of an increasingly worrying situation. She warned people to stick to the existing rules – otherwise stricter regulations threatened. As the metropolis most affected by the renewed spread of the virus, the authorities had already tightened restrictions again last month. F9news Residents over 65 years of age must stay at home and employers must provide home office services for a third of the workforce.

    The Canadian entertainment company, which is suffering severely from the pandemic, is pulling out of insolvency. The company declares that it has reached a corresponding agreement with its creditors. The famous circus had to cancel performances and dismiss artists because of the pandemic.

    According to a media report, Russia is considering having its corona vaccine Sputnik V produced in Germany. The head of the state fund RDIF, Kirill Dmitry, continues to say according to the Interfax agency that a French delegation is also expected this week. The fund is one of the most important donors to the project. The vaccine has already been approved, although not all clinical trials have been completed. The government in Moscow aims to produce more than one billion doses worldwide next year. According to its manufacturer, the Russian corona vaccine “Sputnik V” is 95 percent effective. This is the result of a second interim analysis of data from clinical trials, the Russian Ministry of Health, the state research center Gamaleja and the Russian state fund RDIF announced. Just under two weeks ago Russia had reported a 92 percent effectiveness of “Sputnik V”.

    The analysis was based on preliminary data from patients who had been given the first dose of the vaccine 42 days earlier, the statement said. However, it remained unclear how many test cases had been considered. Russia had already approved “Sputnik V” in August without waiting for the final test phase with tens of thousands of test persons. In mid-October, the second vaccine “EpiVacCorona” was approved. Abroad, the vaccine is said to cost less than 20 dollars. The vaccine, which will be administered in two doses, is to cost less than ten dollars per dose, according to the official Twitter account of Sputnik V. The international market price would thus be cheaper than that of the vaccine of the partners Biotech and Pfizer, which is to cost 15.50 euros (a good 18 dollars) per dose in Europe. However, it would be more expensive than AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which is said to cost around 2.50 euros per dose in Europe.

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