US election updates: Joe Biden set to become next president of the United States, Kamala Harris first woman to become vice-president

    The new US President will be sworn in on January 20th of next year. Until then, however, numerous deadlines have to be met. The procedure is strictly regulated.

    The F9news found out that US president is not elected directly by the people, but by the electorate in the states. Counting is still ongoing in several states.

    Once all the votes have been counted and certified by the states, every governor is legally obliged to prepare documents called Certificates of Ascertainment as soon as possible. They list the names of the electorate and the number of votes for the winner and loser, respectively. The certificates are then sent to the US federal archivist.

    Conflicts around the election at the level of the individual US states must be resolved by December 8th. That is, by then, all recounts and litigation over the results must be completed.

    4besnews reported that postal votes for electors in their states and the District of Columbia government will take place on December 14th. 33 states and DC stipulate by law or party resolution that the electorate must vote in their state according to the votes cast. In the others, they usually stick to it as well.

    The votes for President and Vice-President are counted and the electorate sign six certificates of the vote. These certificates, along with other official documents, are sent to several offices and officials, including the chairman of the Senate.

    Biden supporters celebrate in the streets

    All day long, his followers had been celebrating Biden. In most of the major US cities from Washington to Chicago to Los Angeles, horn concerts and cheers were heard.

    In New York the skyscrapers shone in red-white-blue. In Washington, hundreds of people spontaneously flocked to Black Lives Matter Plaza in front of the White House to celebrate Biden’s election victory. Church bells rang for minutes.

    The relief for many of the residents of Washington was enormous. The capital is considered a democratic stronghold: 93 percent of the people voted for Biden. For almost four days, his supporters had to tremble over the election victory of the Democrats. “We are so happy. The best news ever! Joe Biden is our 46th President. And Trump is fired!” Cheered one couple.

    Postal votes made the difference

    On election night, it looked like incumbent Trump could win the presidential election. Due to the late counting of the postal votes – especially in the state of Pennsylvania – Biden was able to catch up and finally secure the 20 voters in Pennsylvania that were necessary to give him the election victory.

    “It’s almost like we’ve won a championship. We saw it coming, but you can really feel the weight drop from the shoulders of the city,” said 26-year-old Adam. And his neighbor Heather has already chilled the champagne.

    The only downer for many Americans: The fear that Trump could get away with his threat to challenge Biden’s election victory in court.

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