US election live results: Joe Biden to ‘immediately’ reverse Trump policies and reengage with world

    After winning the US presidential election, President-elect Biden and future Vice-President Harris gave their first speech. In it they called for a new togetherness. Biden also announced a different corona policy.

    After his victory in the US presidential election, Joe Biden gave an initial address to celebrating supporters in his hometown of Wilmington. The future Vice President Kamala Harris also spoke.

    In his speech, 4besnews covered that the Biden described his victory as “clear” and “convincing”. He stressed that he wanted to reconcile the country: “I promise to be a president who doesn’t divide, but wants one.” Biden thus distinguished himself from incumbent Donald Trump without naming him. The former Vice President called for a new political togetherness. Political opponents are not “enemies”: “They are Americans.” It is time to “heal” the country, the “era of demonization” must end, so Biden.

    President-elect made a direct appeal to Trump supporters: “I understand your disappointment. I’ve lost a few times myself, but let’s give each other a chance now.” He was elected a Democrat, but he will be the country’s president and “work just as hard for those who didn’t vote for me,” Biden promised. It was time to put the harsh rhetoric aside, he said.

    New corona policy

    F9News reported that Biden also announced a new way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. He will name scientific advisors and experts on Monday. They should draft a plan that could be implemented immediately after he took office on January 20th. Biden is then to be sworn in as the 46th President in US history.

    Both Biden and Vice President-designate Harris pointed out that the real work is yet to come. The pandemic must be contained and the economy built, racism in the judiciary and society combated and the climate crisis averted.

    “We have a chance to defeat desperation, build a nation of prosperity and goals. We can do that,” said Biden. The Americans had given him the mandate to lead the fight against the coronavirus, to ensure justice and eradicate structural racism: “The fight to restore decency, to defend democracy and to give everyone in this country a fair chance.”

    Harris said voters had turned the tide in the United States. “When our democracy itself was on the ballot paper, America’s soul was at stake and the world was watching, you heralded a new day for America.” By choosing Joe Biden, Americans chose Hope, Unity, Science and Truth, Harris said. “The way will not be easy”, but America is ready “and so are Joe and I”.

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