Kamala Harris Vice with ambitions

    She is considered smart, warm and tenacious:Kamala Harris has had a picture-book career and becomes the first black woman to serve as US Vice President.

    Kamala Harris campaigned in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania the day before the election. Wrapped in a thick black down jacket, her black mane ruffled by the wind, the senator from California waves to the audience.

    Warm and full of energy

    4besnews reported her as Biden’s running mate – and his potential successor. During the election campaign, Harris, who can also be strict, cultivated her image as the happy, warm and energetic woman at Joe Biden’s side. “Kamala is smart, tough. She has experience. A fighter for the middle class. She knows how to govern and make tough decisions. She can get started with this job right away,” Biden said of her.

    Mother is from India, father from Jamaica

    But Biden chose the social-liberal senator and former justice minister not only because of her professional qualifications. But also as a gesture to the many black voters in his party. Harris’ mother is from India, the father from Jamaica. “I’m black and proud of it,” said Harris.

    The 56-year-old Harris has had a picture-perfect career:  F9news reported that at 30, she became the first black district attorney in San Francisco, then  served six years as Attorney General of California – again as the first black woman.

    Not squeamish even with Biden

    She has been a member of the Senate since 2017. There she made a name for herself as a sharp questioner at hearings. And Joe Biden also felt that she’s not squeamish. Because actually Harris would have liked to become president herself.

    Many Americans remember a scene from the primary campaign. Then she attacked Biden personally – because of his attitude as a young man on the subject of integrating schools. She later rowed back: “It was just a debate” – and of course she would do everything to get Biden elected.

    Her husband brought two children into the marriage

    Harris is married to the lawyer Douglas Emhoff, who brought two children into the marriage. Cooking for the family is the best thing ever, Harris said again and again during the election campaign. And that the title of Vice President would of course be great. But it is even nicer to be called Momala by the children.

    Kamala Harris has been the “first black woman” many times in her life: as a district attorney in San Francisco, as attorney general in California – and now as a vice-presidential candidate.

    The daughter of a Jamaican and an Indian would have preferred to become president herself. And many Americans have not forgotten one scene from the 2019 primary campaign: In a TV debate, they attacked their then competitor Joe Biden sharply and personally for his negative attitude towards the integration of schools. “I don’t think you’re a racist,” she said at the time. “But it was painful to hear you talk about two US senators who made their reputations and careers with apartheid.”

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