Roughly 8.3 million people have voted in Florida so far

    US Secretary of Homeland Security: “No evidence of election rigging” – Joe Biden leads polls in the important state of Florida.

    F9news reports: President Donald Trump is confident on the morning of the election. Drive-through votes and late postal votes remain valid.

    One day before the US election, according to a poll, Democratic challenger Joe Biden is leading in the important state of Florida. According to a Reuters / 4besnews survey published on Monday, Biden is 50 percent and the Republican incumbent Donald Trump 46 percent. A week ago, the two candidates were effectively tied. According to experts, Florida is one of the states where the election could be decided tomorrow (Tuesday).

    The Democrat Bernie Sanders got out of the pre-election race. Now the US politician speaks out on Twitter: Democracy must win this election. For this it is necessary to vote in overwhelming numbers and to defeat Trump – “the most dangerous president in US history”.

    According to the broadcaster CNN, there could be a record turnout this year:  Over 100 million people have already cast their votes. In some states, more people have voted than four years ago. Swing states like Florida already had a quota of 95 percent of the 2016 voters.

    US President Donald Trump made an unclear statement on Tuesday morning on the TV program “Fox and Friends” about the possible scenario that he could announce his victory in the presidential election before all votes were counted. “I think we will win. But only if there is a victory. There are no reasons to play games,” said Trump. The president was on the phone.

    Before the election he hadn’t promised whether he would accept the result. Also on the show, Trump claimed that the surge in postal votes could lead to election fraud, but did not provide any solid evidence. In addition, dealing with his home country, the USA, is more difficult than dealing with authoritarian governments such as North Korea, China and Russia, the president said.

    The most important facts at a glance:

    On the US east coast, the polling stations have been  open  since 12 noon German time and close on Wednesday between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. CET . The last polling station closes at 7 a.m. in the Aleutian Islands, a chain of islands between North America and Asia.

    It is unclear when the election result will be final: Obama’s 2012 election gave a reliable result around 5 a.m., and Trump’s 2016 election around 8 a.m. However, hours or even days can pass before the official final result .

    The president is not elected directly by the people, but by 538 electors. The candidate with the most votes in a state typically registers all of the state’s electorate. Whoever gets at least 270 electoral votes has won.

    The so-called swing states are particularly competitive and mostly decisive for the outcome of the election. Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona are particularly important, as are the “jackpot states” Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio  – the latter send a particularly large number of voters.

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