Joe Biden Barack Obama makes a final appeal to Michigans black voters Obama compares Trump to “second rate dictator”

    Tuesday, November 3rd, 4:25 am, F9news: Ex-US President Barack Obama has sharply criticized incumbent Donald Trump for already questioning the results of the election. His successor suggests “that he may claim victory for himself beforeall the votes are counted,” Obama said at a rally in Michigans, where he campaigned for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. “That’s something a second rate dictator does. If you believe in democracy, you want every vote to be counted,” added Obama.

    Ex-President Obama makes fun of Trump’s Twitter behavior at an election campaign event by the Democrats, reported by 4besnews – who in turn speaks of possible electoral fraud and “violence in the streets” on the same platform.


    Twitter immediately hid the message behind a warning and restricted the possibility of spreading the tweet.

    During his appearance in Michigans, Obama also made a point about the social media behavior of his successor in office. Unlike Trump, voters wouldn’t have to worry about Joe and Kamala every day, he scoffed. Kamala Harris is Biden’s runner-up candidate. “You won’t have to argue about some crazy tweet the president sent out this morning. It wouldn’t be that stressful. You will be able to live knowing that the president is doing his job instead of suggesting we inject bleach.” Obama was apparently alluding to the fact that Trump had publicly brought the injection of disinfectant into play as a possible healing method against Corona in the spring.

    The Americans will elect their president on November 3, 2020. Will it be Donald Trump again ? Or will Joe Biden, who won the Democratic primary, win?

    Election day in the US begins in two small communities

    Tuesday, November 3rd, 8:30 am: Election day in the US has started with voting in two small communities in the state of New Hampshire. Just after midnight, residents of Dixville Notch, near the Canadian border, and Millsfield, 20 kilometers to the south, cast their votes. Dixville Notch has had this tradition for 60 years. There the former Vice President Joe Biden won the five votes. In Millsfield, President Donald Trump got 16 votes, Biden five.


    Trump had sentenced a Supreme Court decision on the particularly competitive US state of Michigans to postal voting deadlines on Monday. According to this, postal voting documents may still be counted normally if they arrive three days after the election on this Tuesday. The judges initially confirmed a local regulation, but reserved the right to re-examine the case in detail after the election. The “very dangerous” decision of the court will lead to “rampant and uncontrolled fraud,” Trump claimed on Twitter. “It will lead to violence in the streets. Something has to be done,” he continued.

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