Israel’s new strategy for Arab Countries.

    Most recently, it is accepted by a lot of people on a huge level that the United Arab Emirates’ agreement that went on with Israel is not that much bigger deal that everyone else is making it out to be. This group of people clearly says that this respective agreement has certainly very little if anything to do with the Palestinian conflict.

    There is a statement that 4besnews emerges on the name of Abu Dhabi. The announcement clearly identifies that Abu Dhabi will surely establish diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. It is no doubt a very complex move that is driven by its own national security system and no other country has to do anything with it.

    It is not wrong to say that the deal that happens between UAE and Israel is a relatively unimportant and insignificant part of a much wider geopolitical jigsaw puzzle. It has a lot to do with the UAE’s efforts to be blamed for a charge of Arab diplomacy just to manage and save their own regional security systems.

    Emirates’ found it a better solution for the time being, in which there is a huge uncertainty in America’s intentions. Same like this, on the other side, Turkey is heading with its efforts to become hegemony among all other countries included in the Middle East.

    This clever strategy of UAE complicates the U.S strategy to counter Iran on the open basis and it also helps to manage Turkey’s growing and proceeding footprint in the whole region.

    -The UAE’s goal for Israel

    A famous UAE ambassador named Yusuf Al- Otaiba from Washington published his statement on the current situation in Hebrew language. Later, f9news he released its video in English in which he openly warns Israel not to go further on with it West Bank annexation plans.

    At that time, some people tweeted by collectively indentifying that Otaiba’s statements are more convincing and concerning towards potential UAE-Israel relations rather than towards Abu Dhabi emerging as a mediator in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

    The Emiratis are well-aware of the fact that there is not much they can do to solve the conflict that is already heated up to an extent and becoming more and more complicated with the passage of time. On the other side, this also becomes evident that for UAE, the Palestinian issue was just a kind of way to advance a much bigger and brighter initiative.

    Everyone is clear regarding this move that the respective move is neither about Palestinians, nor it is about aligning with Israel to counter Iran either. It is more likely about the fact that Israelis will contribute in all the relative resources to protect UAE or any other Gulf Arab state in any sort of future conflict with Iran.

    Although Israel is lacking in the conventional military capabilities and most importantly, Israel is now more conscious about its own strategic atmosphere. Israel is also trying its level best to manage the Iranian footprints that are continuously heading forward in Syria and Iraq through different kind of strikes.

    Along with Israelis, Emiratis are also well-aware of all these facts. Just like others, Emiratis too have no urge for a conflict with Iran in any case. They are very well-aware of their country’s geographic location. So, they are not ready to take any sort of risk for themselves.

    -Regional Aspirations

    There is no doubt in saying that after all these clarities; UAE has fully enjoyed the U.S security umbrella around all the edges of its state. But, soon this umbrella is becoming unconsciously unreliable as Washington has been deciding to move away from heavy lifting regional security needs.

    Abu Dhabi is already aware of the fact that this strategy of U.S for the Middle East, totally depends on the regional players to take any lead. This is the only thing that is driving Emiratis behavior.

    Hence, it is considered to be understood that the next U.S administration will surely require finding a better way for balancing all the needs to work with Turkey to counter Iran. It should also keep in mind about all the security concerns of Arab states.

    Otherwise, moves like that of UAE will undergo to threaten the undermine U.S strategy for regional players along with the security in the Middle East.

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