Asia’s Power Businesswomen 2020: Highlighting 20 Outstanding Leaders in Asia Pacific

    It is a well known fact of these days that the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 in a year, has challenged almost all the aspects of life. Most importantly due to this global pandemic, the leadership qualities of all the leaders are at a huge stake and are being constantly tested as well.

    2020 Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen has enlisted 20 business leaders in f9news and 4besnews that are continuously being raised in this severe situation as well. They are paying off their hard efforts towards betterment in business field. They have rightly proved their power, strength and stamina in these difficult times.

    The names that are included in this list has already showed that they represent a much wider range of industries starting from biotech till the traditional sectors like law, logistics and retail. No matter which field is being discussed, it is evident as always that each has a majestic track record of success in the respective field. It has nothing to do with the sizable revenues or searching for an already startup value at over $1 billion.

    The common thing among these women is the fact that they are being very clear about new normal situations. They are not the ones who got panicked due to such pandemic. They are the ones who are facing the world boldly along with the present situations. The difference that differentiates these women from other people is that they are witnessing a lot of opportunities and positivity where others see challenges and disappointments only.

    -Facing the Future: Tech entrepreneurs on the rise

    RoshniNadar Malhotra, a woman who became chairperson of IT services giant HCL Technologies in the mid of July stated that:

    “You always have to keep agile, quite hungry and entrepreneurial.”

    She owns a title as well that is being assigned to her b her father that is Shiv Nadar. She knew about the size of the company and its internal situations but still she wants that small company to behave like a startup.

    She worked for 12 years in HCL. She previously worked as vice chairperson for two years. During her workings, that company was facing a lot of weaknesses due to this pandemic but her approach regarding the company remain optimistic. Despite these weaknesses and flaws, the optimistic approach of this lady result in the digitalization process that creates a huge demand of products that are being offered by HCL.

    She says: “There’s been a huge emphasis on technology and how businesses are going to inter-relate with each other.” According to her, there lies a lot more focus on digitalization and it is the only unique aspect that opens up a lot of new opportunities.

    Melanie Perkins, a 33 years old lady and a student of University of Western Australia also included in this list. She helped a lot in graphic designing. Due to her efforts, the graphic design software raised its expenses up to $300 million.

    She has also provoked the company to value this budget in June. Due to all these better pay offs, the project has widely became profitable in the mid of 2017 and competes with Adobe due to this overwhelming success.

    Lucy Yueting, another tech entrepreneur of 29 years who gives a startup value of nearly $1.9 billion to a company also includes in this list.

    The company in which she works helps its customers to conduct multi-currency across the border transactions. It is found to be much cheaper than banks. Its Headquarter is in Hong Kong where it has 440 staff in offices in almost 10 cities from Bangalore to Tokyo.

    a 34 years old lady also includes in this list. She, along with her husband, worked for a company that offers online courses for K-12 students. The time when India’s school students were stuck at home, this lady helped them with full devotion. She gave a very confident statement saying:
    “We have added 20 million students just in the last four months.”

    Rachel Eng, of Singapore, is 52 years old and joined global professional services. After spending a year there, she got appointed to its global legal leadership team. She was the only woman there in the nine member team working with full enthusiasm. She used to oversee the network of 3,600 lawyers across 100 countries.

    This list also includes some other important names as well such as Lily Kong, Jang In, Maki Akaida. This year’s list also includes some new comers such as MeghaBahree, Karsha Green, Suzanne Nam, Jihyun Park and Jennifer Wells.

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