F9news reported about Turkey’s first show with 200 drone. 15 July program memorized by the Directorate of Communications.
    The programs and activities of the Presidency Directorate of Communications within the scope of July 15 were published.

    The Directorate of Communications launched a Communication campaign for July 15th. Digital studies came to the fore in the nation’s victory commemoration programs.


    The Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, which coordinated the programs held in Turkey and abroad on the 15th of July Democracy and National Unity Day, carried out innovative projects in its fourth year with the idea of ​​commemorating the spirit of July 15 by using the means of technology.LATEST TECHNOLOGY USED

    4besnews added that the Directorate of Communications carried out activities to raise awareness about the Victory of the Nation in a wide range from the symphony specially composed for the 15th of July Epic, to Digital Display Centers, from the mapping and drone show at the Kuleli campus to international online panels.WE WILL CONTINUE TO TELL THE 15 JULY”

    Head of Communications Prof. Dr. FahrettinAltun said, “Under the leadership of our Esteemed President, we continue to protect the spirit of July 15th. Our aim is not to make us forget the epic resistance of our beloved nation against the coup attempt of FETÖ on July 15. We will keep the memory of our martyrs alive. We will ensure that the victory of our nation will always remain in our memories. We will continue to tell the world about July 15 by making use of the possibilities of art, science and technology. ” said.SPECIAL SYSTEM FOR JULY 15

    In order to monitor and report the preparation, implementation and evaluation processes of the programs, the “July 15 Project Tracking System” was established within the Directorate of Communication.

    In this context, approximately 3 thousand programs and activities were carried out by ministries, public institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations under the coordination of the Directorate of Communication.Activities carried out in this context are as follows:

    – He conveyed the struggle of the nation against the putschists on the walls of the Kuleli campus with a visual presentation using video mapping technology.

    – towers campus in the skies for the first time in Turkey 200 drone with “15 July themed light show” was carried out.

    – FahirAtakoğlu , one of the world’s leading composers , put the spirit of the July 15 War of Independence into notes under the leadership of the Directorate of Communications. The program titled ” 15 July 15 Panel ” was launched to explain the international structuring of FETÖ, the 15 July coup attempt and the resistance of the Turkish nation to the world public. Panels were held in 15 different countries.

    – In Digital Display Centers opened in Bursa, Çanakkale, Samsun, Konya, Kayseri, Antalya and Diyarbakır, it displays the struggle against the July 15 coup attempt and the victory achieved in digital media.

    -The 3D digital reality video titled “July 15 Nation’s Victory”, prepared in Turkish and English, is also the first content of the VR glasses produced by the Directorate of Communications for this year.

    – The “15 July” themed choreography, specially prepared for the 4th anniversary of FETÖ’s 15 July coup attempt, was exhibited in Hagia Sophia Square.

    – In the film, in which the message ” July 15, 2016: Milestones for World Democracies ” is emphasized, the Turkish nation’s heroic struggle and repelling the coup attempt by breaking a first in the history of world democracy is animated.
    The International Anti-Coup Heaton, which was the first and only big data study on military coups last year, continued this year as well.

    – on July 15 that killed 251 of our citizen’s name, in every part of the Turkey map “Hero Martyr” a study that found that expression of the canvases was written signature.

    – The corporate identity work prepared by the Directorate of Communications, primarily the July 15 logo, was updated in order to ensure a visual integrity as well as content in the programs and projects of all institutions on July 15.

    – The Directorate of Communications ensured that the victory of national unity and democracy was commemorated on social media channels with many short films, videos and visuals with the theme of 15 July, as well as musical works and clips named “15 July Mehteri” and “Yiğitler Epic”.


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