Battle for Idlib: Turkey’s Drones and a new way of War

    F9news has given the headline about Turkey that it has raided Syria in the present days. Due to these recent Turkish air raids, dozens of Syrian armored personnel, government tanks and air defense systems are badly destroyed. This directly means that a lot of damage is caused because of these Turkish air raids. They results in huge loss of Syria.

    So, in response to that air raid, 4besnews reported that Syria also did a retaliation attack. Due to the launch of this attack, 34 Turkish soldiers were killed. However, the Turkish offensive system did not use their man power aircrafts for raid. They used latest unmanned aerial vehicles that are most commonly known as drones or UAVs. This is a latest technology that can never be competed.

    It is a matter of fact that military drones have always been used for surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence. They have been used as assassination tools in regard to ISR. But it is also not wrong to say that it is for the very first time ever that a major large scale offensive system by one military is fighting another military system openly. No doubt, it is an operational-level conflict but still it is happening around in these times.

    -Why are they useful?

    It is very true in the sense of words and actions as well that UAV designs have made the lives of a lot of countries easy. It has rapidly matured the developments in technology. It has also multiplied the technology rapidly.

    On the other hand, this rapid multiplication allowed the military agencies and intelligence agencies of many countries around the world to think up some unique ways to use these designs for their favor. No doubt, the designs varied and share a lot of basic similarities but still they can be used in a lot of unique manners as well.

    While making this technology understandable for locals, it is much easier in describing that these drones or UAV designs are basically a kind of essential CCTV cameras flying in the sky. They are made with the use of high-resolution crammed options. They are also consisting of radars, links, data and proper guideline systems as well. It helps them keep their record on time and proper direction.

    However, these drones are slower in speed but their lack of speed helps them a lot in several ways. It is a kind of advantage for them as due to their slow flying, they are able to fly higher altitudes while focusing on any target. It is easy for the target setters to watch these drones flying ceaselessly for about hours and hours.

    This can be very helpful in many cases. This concern can surely be noticeable especially in the remote areas. This can be effective for those areas where there is an open chance of noisy jet aircrafts been flown all the time. it is also effective for those areas where there is the chance of sudden appearance of some unknown people or strangers.

    -Turkey’s Case

    Turkey got a literally very long-standing campaign against Kurdish and Kurdistan Workers Party. This campaign is mainly operated as a remote mountainous terrain that typically favors with some middling sort of results.

    The US party feels hesitant to share these technologies even to their own allies. They really feel hesitant even in selling this cutting edge technology to someone who is working for them and their favor.

    While on the other hand, Israel is having the same UAVs designs and drone industry openly maturing it rapidly. It can also be seen that due to this optimistic approach, their number of Heron were clearly bought and in the same time, Turkey realized something properly.

    Due to this sudden realization, Turkey feels like is it wanted to maintain a balance between technology and the intelligence then they need to manufacture them again and again.

    -Drone War in Libya

    These weapons are commonly being used in a lot of ways and with several innovative techniques over Idlib. It clearly shows that these weapons are surely not invulnerable. It makes things clear that these weapons are relatively slow in their movement and so they can be easily shot down by any opponent and this has already been done in Syria.

    It is also very evident that Turkey is not the only country who is fielding and owning these armed drones. China is the one who has already been producing relatively cheap UCAV which is seen in Lybia.

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