Another Lockdown From September 25? Government’s Fact-Check

    The government today denied reports that another lockdown had been recommended from September 25 because of a spurt in coronavirus cases in the country. The Press Information Bureau denied the news in a post with a “Fake News” alert.

    Reports that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had called for another lockdown from September 25 have been widely shared online, along with a screenshot supposed to be of the agency’s order.

    “In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 and decrease the mortality rate in the country, the National Disaster Management Authority, along with the Planning commission, hereby urges the government of India and directs the Prime Minister office, ministry of home affairs to re-impose a strict nationwide lockdown of 46 days starting from midnight September 25, 2020. Maintaining the supply chain of essential commodities in the country, therefore hereby NDMA is issuing a prior notice to the ministry to plan accordingly,” says the “order” dated September 10.

    Press Information Bureau said the order in circulation was fake.

    “Claim: An order purportedly issued by National Disaster Management Authority claims that it has directed the government to re-impose a nationwide lockdown from 25th September. PIB Fact Check: This order is Fake. NDMA has not issued any such order to re-impose lockdown,” PIB tweeted.

    Now the condition of corona virus is going serious. Other side in Pakistan the Virus is spreading slowly the number of cases are decreasing in a day.  PM Imran khan announced that schools will open on 15-Sep-2020. First high classes will start and then the middle and junior sections will start. So after 6 months school will open with specific S-o-p.

    It’s must for every student to wear face mask and use sanitizer and wash hands after several minutes however govt is hope full that they will get rid of this virus. Situation is in control now and the patient are recovering in large amount.

    Whereas World Health Organization  aware the whole world that Virus May be come back I mean the second wave of virus is spreading in China and other countries. Number of increasing cases in spain, France is knocking the got for going another lock down.

    During a briefing in the National Coordination Committee (NCC)meeting, he said the COVID-19 pandemic had been controlled to a great extent due to the effective strategy of the government institutions, untiring efforts of doctors and paramedical staff and cooperation of the people, Geo Newsreported. He said the National Coordination Committee (NCC) had decided that all the educational institutionswould be opened on September 15 after a final review by the Ministry of Education on 7th September.He said the people of Pakistan were the real heroes in defeating the pandemic, as they strictly followed the SOPs to check the spread of the pandemic. He said the strategy of a smart lockdown adopted by Pakistan was appreciated by the other countries and they were also learning from its experience.He said a review on the decision to reopen educational institutions on September 15 would be done on September 7. Businesses would go back to their normal pre-coronavirus timings as well.Sports and games would be allowed to resume but without spectators, and pillion riding was permitted aswell, he said. Travelling in public transport while standing, however, will not be allowed, he added.Beauty parlors, exhibition centres, and shrines were being allowed to open, he said, but warned people tofollow the SOPs in large gatherings at the shrines and seek permission from the administration before events that may attract crowds.”The hospitality sector,restaurants, cafes… a lot of people work in this sector and they were facing a lot of hardship,” he stated. “So outdoor and indoor establishments will reopen on Monday, August 10.” However, restrictions on passengers in train and airplanes were to continue until September. “Passengers will be able to travel on the airplanes in a normal manner from October 1,” Umar said.The move to reopen the country came following a meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) anddiscussion on recommendations in the National Command and Operations Centre(NCOC), he said, referring to the primary body overlooks the efforts againstthe coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan and that he heads.”We are seeing the fruitof our efforts and receiving international praise,” he added, expressinggratitude to the healthcare workers and administration officials for their hardwork in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.”The entire system that wecreated — we introduced a smart lockdown and contact tracing — and the relatedplan of action that we adopted has been highlighted globally. “Internationalmagazines and newspapers are praising Pakistan and listing us among thecountries that dealt best [with the pandemic],” he stressed.Speaking of the ‘smartlockdown’ and claims the world was learning from Pakistan, he said, “Justtoday, I was reading a printed article in an international magazine thatadvised the Philippines to look at Pakistan if it wanted to learn.”This is all that we haveachieved so far,” he said. The minister explained that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI government had kept certain sectors and economic activitiesshut down till now but considering the aforementioned praise, the coronavirusnumbers, and consultations, debates, and discussions between the NCC, NCOC, andthe provinces, some new decisions had been made.

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